How to get rid of cold sores

How to get rid of cold sores ;


cold sores

Riddler 😕 How is a cold sore as a brother-visit out of town for the week

Answer: Can not have any of them easily; usually they have to wait until they disappear.

What is a cold sore?

Unlike brothers-in-law, cold sores are not irritating caused by marriage, but are small painful infections, which attack the skin and nerves, looks like chicken pox, and are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They can appear on various parts of his body, but usually appear on the lips and, less frequently, in the nose. Invisibly begin with a tingling sensation, followed two days later by red, liquid filled pustules called cold sores or fever blisters or simply “those nasty things they want.” And do not feel painful to the touch, for a week to 10 days.

Unlike canker sores, with which it is often confused, rarely appear inside the mouth (Tips on how to ease the pain of canker sores).

During this period of 7 to 10 days, the blisters break, ooze and form a yellow crust. Thus they get even uglier. Scabs and then fall off and the skin heals without scarring. During that period, the sores are transmitted through direct contact with others (or oneself) or through an intermediary such as a towel or razor. Therefore, if you can actually find someone to kiss him on the lips during that period, they deny that dubious privilege.

After that was over, and her skin is back to normal, you may be fooled into thinking that the virus causing the infection is dead and gone out of limbo virus. No, he does not do it. It becomes dormant in the nerve cells of the skin and can be quickly reawakened by such things as stress, menstruation, fever, or a sunburn. The first virus infection usually occurs in childhood; Once the virus enters the body, it stays there forever. The first outbreak is usually the most serious since there were no antibodies to resist. Meningitis is a possible complication.

Cold Sore Treatments

Unless you really like hanging around clinics, usually no need to visit a doctor for cold sores treated. ointments are available without a prescription to relieve pain, and an oral analgesic may also help. That said, however, there is a remote possibility of complications. For example, if the infection spreads to the eyes, the result can be blindness. There is also a greater risk of more serious for people with defective immune systems or eczema infections, and also for children. So if you are in a higher risk group, or if you have severe symptoms, or if there is itching in the eye while you have cold sores, or if you have a crush on your health care, it is better to see your doctor. Whatever you do, avoid touching your eyes after touching a cold sore. Wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of the disease.

Severe infections can be controlled – that can be treated with a cream, Zovirax. But, regardless of severity, no cold sore can actually be cured. If treated early, however, the period of viral activity can be shortened with drugs such as penciclovir, Aciclovire, Valicyclovir and ganciclovir. A derivative of castor oil, undecylenic acid, also is thought to be effective against viral infections of the skin.

Prevention of cold sores

  • Use a lip moisturizer if your lips tend to be dry or cracked; when outdoors, use a lip balm sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15
  • Limit exposure to the sun or UV
  • lamps

  • avoid stress (See how to get rid of stress)
  • In support of the immune system, follow a regimen of diet and healthy sleep
  • Avoid skin contact with other people who have cold sores or any cups / glasses / cans, utensils or towels that have been used, and avoid sharing food with them
  • Wash your hands frequently.

There are those who promote various cold sore remedies to terminate early or even preventing them from starting up (learn how to treat a cold sore). You will find dozens of them, involving things such as nail polish remover
, here. Try them at your own risk, and feel free to add any of your own home remedies cold sore to this page using the form below.

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